Protesters Block the Lagos-Abeokuta expressway because to a lack of Cash in Town

On Tuesday, protesters blocked the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway in the Sango-Ota axis because they couldn’t use automated teller machines to get cash (ATMs).

They burned old tires in bonfires on both sides of the road, seriously clogging up traffic.

According to some demonstrators who spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the current financial crisis has caused excruciating pains and sufferings.

Kazeem Sanni, the demonstrators’ leader, called it terrible that bank customers were unable to retrieve their money.

He claimed that bank customers had been put in a double-risk situation because the banks wouldn’t allow depositors to make withdrawals within the banking rooms or allow money to be loaded into their ATMs.

The CBN has already given banks the go-ahead to stock their ATMs with cash and permit depositors to withdraw up to N20,000 cash at the counter.

Sanni bemoaned, “The situation is truly awful because it has grounded and paralyzed commercial activities.

“We can no longer take this misery,” he emphasized, “therefore we decided to demonstrate to show our frustrations.”

He urged the CBN to immediately create more fresh notes and make sure banks follow its instructions.

Mr. Rotimi Odubanjo, a demonstrator, observed that the inability to withdraw money from banks had caused the populace great discomfort.

He remarked, “We need the Federal Government to help us and alleviate this cash and fuel shortage.

The dual shortage of fuel and money, he claimed

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