Thiago Silva of Chelsea praises the leadership of managers Tuchel and Potter.

Thiago Silva, a defender for Chelsea, said Graham Potter, the manager, “an wonderful human being.”

Silva made this statement while emphasizing that he needs to spend more time working with Potter before he can compare Potter’s management style to that of Thomas Tuchel, the former manager of Chelsea, or other managers he has played under.

Following Tuchel’s firing in September 2022, Potter assumed management of Chelsea.

Although his time with the west London club got off to a good start under the former Brighton head coach, the team has only managed nine victories in 23 games across all competitions.

Silva, who has been an unquestioned starter for Potter, refuses to be contrasted with Tuchel and other starting lineups despite the fact that Potter has also frequently altered his starting lineups.

“Not enough time has passed to comment on something so important. I don’t like to make comparisons of people, of styles, of work,” Silva told Parimatch.

“Everyone has their own way of doing things. However, in the short time I have had with Potter, I can see he’s a great person, a great human being.”

He added: “On the pitch, he is a coach that shows you what you have to do and what you have been doing wrong. Off the pitch, he’s an amazing human being which I think, when managing a football team, can actually be more important than being a coach. So he has these two aspects to him that I think are very important for someone in his position.”

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