Why Celebrities Choose Baby Mothers – Singer Speed Darlington

Darlington Okoye, a well-known Nigerian artist better known by his stage name Speed Darlington, has revealed why entertainers choose baby mamas rather than getting married.

Darlington remarked that there is a propensity for musicians in the entertainment industry to fail in a series of videos posted on his Instagram stories. He attributed this to the time and work needed to raise children and maintain a healthy marriage.

He cited vocalists FoxyP and AfricanApe as examples of musicians who had encountered similar difficulties to support his argument. He argued that these musicians lost their focus after getting married.

He claimed that many entertainers would rather to have a baby mom than legalize whatever they had done with the women giving birth out of concern of slipping under the spotlight.


He tagged wives and kids as dream killers for those in the industry, adding that it didn’t seem like he would want to marry because it sounded scary.

“There’s a pattern. As soon as you have somebody, there’s a child, and you fade. It doesn’t sound like something I want to do. It’s very scary,” he said.

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