Dozy Mmobuosi, a Nigerian millionaire, claims that in his attempt to purchase a soccer club, he has been subjected to additional scrutiny because of his skin color. Steelers United

Dozy Mmobuosi, a millionaire internet entrepreneur from Nigeria, has complained about too many checks in his attempt to purchase Sheffield United of the English Championship.

The 43-year-old billionaire has spoken with the current owner, Prince Abdullah, and is almost ready to complete a 90 million buyout of the Blades.

Mmobousi made a suggestion during a podcast interview with former Manchester United star Rio Ferdinand regarding the holdup in the takeover agreement that he might have been subjected to too many checks because of his skin tone.


Now, I support this team. A few years back, I admitted to my wife that I could someday only be able to support the team I own when I play soccer. The sole group
Hopefully I get approved by the EFL and you?ll find me a capable partner. I?m a long-term, focused person. I?m not here to just take and go.

?I believe we?ll get to the Premier League and remain there. I intend to run this club not just as a business that benefits the fans and myself, but the community.?

When asked whether he feels the colour of his skin makes it difficult to own a club in the UK, Mmbousi was unimpressed with the manner in which the supposed quiet takeover was blown to the media, pointing to the fact questions were raised because of his background.

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